Your pursuit of Happiness.

Are you really living a happy healthy life? Are you really happy & in peace in the place where you’re currently? Does things and people around you bring any sort of joy into your world? Do you have a list of things to do by the end of the day which upon completion might result in mild elation?

Now I’m no professional motivational helper or whatever you may call me, I’m no expert in writing self-help books that people usually read for that dose of missing enthusiasm in their lives. (Hell my first book is about the sheer hopelessness in our system), but I’ve written this article to share my state of despair and the unruliness that I’ve been feeling for a long while. I need to know if there are people out there who could sympathize with everything written below.

Despite feeling low, I have defined my goal of achieving, if not absolute, but at least a glint of happiness in my life, and this would be my permanent happiness (I think), and I also want you to set this goal of achieving permanent happiness in yours.

Welcome to Happiness Paradise bubba

My Permanent Happiness

The practical definition of my permanent happiness is owning my own house with my room having an automated curtain at the ceiling that would expose the vastness of the night sky when I go to sleep, and thus I’d have sweeter dreams. Also a huge garden and a farm and the entire area surrounded by hills. And for this I’ve proposed to myself a set of dedicated goals, and I’m surely going to conquer all of those goals. Because I deserve to be happy. It may take me 5 years or 10 years, I’m not afraid to wait. But I am determined to fulfill my dreams.

You deserve to be happy for the entirety of your remaining life. Period. And there should be nothing to stop you from getting it. And it should be your ultimate goal in life. You deserve that good scoop of ice-cream today, or perhaps that beautiful dress. Or perhaps that someone in your life.

Now let me tell you why you deserve a state of eternal happiness in your life. The following are the main motivations:

  1. You deserve to live a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Because you need to accomplish your goals in life. (A dejected person is highly unmotivated to be successful)
  3. Because you are not able to return the love to others from whom you’re receiving the same love, and you need to love them back profusely
  4. Because you must die a peaceful (natural) death, rather than a convoluted one.
Do you want to live the life of a sad conflicted cat or a contented one?

Types of Happiness

Now, there are kinds of happiness, depending on what you perceive as your way of happiness. I’ve come to term to acknowledge the following types of happiness that one should obtain:

  1. Long term happiness
  2. Short doses of happiness
  3. A distant glimpse of happiness
  4. An Ascetic contentment
  5. The Perfect Happiness

Now, I’ve written a detailed article here, explaining each of the above listed types of happiness. Have a look at it.

But these above types of happiness are not inherently entitled to anyone. One has to either change their attitude towards life or work hard to overcome perpetual or inevitable sadness and grasp that juicy happy fruit that life has to offer. This is a fact that I’m stating: It is hard work; to be happy for the rest of your life. And depending upon what kind of happiness you desire, you are allowed to choose your practices.

Looking for the roots of your Unhappiness

Let’s go back to those first set of questions I asked you at the beginning of this article. In particular, the second question asks you whether you live in a condition that facilitates a hope of achieving happiness in life. Do you live in a country where the government has the agenda of seeking selfish goals? Because today is not 18th or 19th century, today is the age of Growth Domestic Happiness, or at least we’re heading there. Cities, states or countries where the government and the corporation are working together for the collective goal of pursuing happiness not only for themselves but for every citizen will averagely find its public happy. In the old days the pursuit of happiness was a personal quest, now it is a collective project – that involves all sectors coming together to make its citizens remain happy and healthy. In real life you can find such countries in Europe in contrast to the war torn countries in Middle East where a common person is always scavenging for some peace in his/her war-stricken conditions.


This does play a giant factor that determines the current state of your happiness, or sadness. But it does not mean that if you’re living in a fully-fledged developed country, you’d probably be having the time of your life. Take Japan for instance; they’re a developed nation, yet from the past statistics Japan has reported an overwhelming number of suicides (Though Russia is currently at the top spot). In US there has been an increase in suicide rate in the past few years. And the biggest reason is that the government is making least effort in dealing with mental health issues or not realizing at all how serious this case is.


Other factors could include the influence of your friends and relatives upon you, and/or your living conditions. And people adamantly ignore the fact that we need a drastic change in our society and our system.

But like I said before, being happy requires hard work. It is unfortunate that you live in a war zone. It is unfair that you have traumatizing parents or de-motivating relatives & so-called friends, but it doesn’t mean you can never dare dream about grasping that juicy fruit of happiness. I’ve always believed there are solutions to any or every kind of problem.

Do read this next article pointing out things/activities you can do to change your perspective towards life and finding true happiness.