Types of Happiness

Now, there are kinds of happiness, depending on what you perceive as your way of happiness. I’ve come to term to acknowledge the following types of happiness that one should obtain:

Long term happiness

The ones who work hard or are working hard, putting in all their will power and efforts to bake that fluffy pie of happiness and enjoy it by the end of the day, instead of going after that unsatisfying bite of an already baked pie. They are determined and have set their own goals; the goals that will lead them to a long period of perpetual happiness. Either it is in their passion to be happy indefinitely or some external force drives them to go above and beyond. They know that they need to keep digging the tunnel because at the end of it, is the everlasting fresh light of happiness and satisfaction.

Short doses of happiness

These ones are for the players and the shooters. Those who seek daily, weekly, monthly or yearly doses of happiness. If you’re looking to copulate with a parade of hookers and snort bags and bags of cocaine, you’d be working to get such temporary shots that fill your brain with dopamine momentarily. You know you’d be happy after you buy that purse, or after you’ve eaten that delicious avocado. You get excited when you see your crush standing there all by herself/himself. And then the excitement dies. These short lived happy pills make your day and you’re loving it.

A distant glimpse of happiness

The optimistic ones, the hopefuls, the daydreamers. They’re staring deep in their future, and hoping that one day everything will be alright. No matter how harsh their condition is now, they dream that at the end they’ll get something extraordinary. And this feeling keeps them going on and living their lives. (until someone/something comes along and screws their life up).

An Ascetic contentment

If you’re the type of person who tends to find happiness (even permanent happiness) in little moments/events/things around you within your outlook, then you generally long for this category of happiness. I’ve known people who are able to dig out the ores of happiness in their lives by accomplishing simple tasks or hurdles like being thankful to their current economic situation (no matter how much you pity on them), or sharing their breadcrumb of happiness with others. The Ascetic contentment here doesn’t mean that you need to live a life of an ascetic; the term is more symbolic that shares the idea of being rather happy with what you do or you have than what one desperately tries to achieve.

The Perfect Happiness

Some psychologists call this the perfect form of happiness. And they are the same psychologists who cannot actually describe this type of happiness. A person who has been looking for answers all of his/her life finally comes across the well of happiness. He/She peeps down the well and his/her face is bombarded with the shining rays of truth. Someone finds these answers by connecting spiritually or religiously or philosophically or through science, with the universe. These someones to a certain extent will always be happy in their lives. (Until some unnatural calamity comes and screws their life up). As a real life example, these someones find such answers by doing the type of job you and I might consider to be of low worth. They’re happy doing what they love doing coz they’re deeply connected to their work.

Please comment below if I’ve missed a type that you know of or have experienced it yourself.

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