Instagram Swipe Up Feature for Everyone!

Don’t fret if you don’t have 10K followers; there’s a way to enable the “swipe up” feature in your Instagram stories!

Instagram has a criteria where you have to have more than 10,000 followers to have the swipe up action enabled in your instagram stories. Which could be a little depressing for folks like me who do not have this many followers (yet) and want to reach out to more prospects and showcase to them more aspects about yourself.

What is Swipe Up feature in Instagram?

The swipe up feature is importantly useful for instagramers looking to sell their products via instagram or provide more information about themselves/their products to their audience. It is available in the stories panel. When you post a new story you have the option to add a link to that story and it helps your audience to navigate to that link when they “swipe up”.

instagram swipe up image
The Swipe feature in your Instagram stories is a sweet advantage for you to reach more customers and close more sales

The “swipe up” feature gives an extra advantage to your instagram account because of the way the stories work. The stories section is conspicuously highlighted whenever your follower or an new user opens the app. They feel more obligated to know what’s going on with your life, than their intention to check your posts. And with this aspect of instagram people will view your stories. And when they stumble upon a story that lets them to navigate to your products page or website, there is a higher chance of them swiping up and checking out your products/website/any other info.

instagram swipe up instastories
These accounts have higher chance of people checking out their stories because of their conspicuousness at the top of the app.

My Goal of Using the Swipe Up feature

My goal of using this feature is to find more readers for my new book, Beyond God’s Reach. I was looking for a way to let the good folks on the internet know about my new book (which is available on Amazon); some method of escorting my followers and anonymous folks towards the sales page directly (although the below method is a two-step process for navigating towards the sales page). So I did some research and stumbled upon various videos on Youtube about this “hack”. But none of them were simplified enough to help me understand each step clearly. And also there is one step they all failed to mention/show which I’m going to highlight in the below set of steps:

Steps to add “Swipe Up” in your stories:

Step 1: Create your Instagram IGTV Channel.

This is the first thing you need to accomplish with your current instagram account. Creating your Instagram IGTV account is simply easy-peazy.

Just go to your Instagram Home Page and you’ll find the IGTV function button. Press the button (see the red-circled icon in the screenshot below) that takes you to a section of worldwide videos. From here you’re going to proceed with the next steps i.e. creating and uploading your video.

instagram swipe up screen1insta
Press the highlighted icon to go to the IGTV videos section

Step 2: Create a 15 second video to be posted on IGTV

It is required by IGTV rules that you create a video of a MINIMUM of 15 seconds length. So create a 15-20 second video either of you shouting at your followers using your phone or use a video editor like after effects, premiere pro, etc. After editing, save your video on your mobile device.

As an example of a simple IGTV video, I had created a short video of a static image of my book and added a background music for promoting my book. You can check it out here! You can see that I’ve used an arrow in the image i.e. it points to the title of the IGTV video post (this is explained in the next step).

Step 3: Being a little creative when uploading your new video to IGTV

Here you need to be a little creative. In my IGTV video I’ve texted my message: ‘tap anywhere and click on the amazon link‘ (this is to reveal the title) and I’m directing my followers to it by an arrow image. When a user will click on the title of the video at top left corner, it will drop down a link which is clickable. That link, upon pressed, will take the user to the amazon page of my book. So you need to direct your followers towards your desired link. Therefore, be creative in this process.

Well, now that you’ve created your 15-20 second video, it’s time to upload it to IGTV. Please see the screenshots below as mini steps to follow to complete this whole step:

  • Go to your IGTV account and press the plus sign (red-circled icon in the below screenshot) to open up your phone’s gallery of videos to upload. Make sure that you have saved your video in your phone.


  • Now the app will allow you to choose your video to upload.


    Select your 15-20 second video from your phone gallery and press ‘Next‘ at top right corner. Then, you’ll have the option to review your video before you proceed to further steps.


  • Once you’ve reviewed your video, IGTV gives you an option to select a cover image for your video from the different frames of the video or choose it from your phone gallery. After that press ‘Next‘ at top right corner to proceed to the last step.


  • This last step is very crucial, so pay attention. Here you need to do two things: Insert a CALL TO ACTION Title in the title textbox, and add your online video url or product page url or any other link url (which you need to copy first) in the Description text box.
    The CALL TO ACTION signifies that when a user will click/press the title of your video, your link url will appear, which is clickable. Therefore you need to have a convincing title for your video. See in the screenshot example how I’ve the title as ‘Click here to View’ plus a downward hand emoji – this is to indicate that there is further info i.e. your link. And then, paste your copied link URL of your video, or your product page or your website into the ‘Description’ textbox.


    Now post it!! Congratulations you’ve uploaded your first IGTV video for the swipe up hack. Also your new IGTV video is saved in your bio that you can check anytime.

Step 4: Time to post your story with the swipe up feature

Before we proceed with this last step, you make sure that the url, the link of your video or your website, etc. is copied in your phone’s clipboard, else the option to attach the IGTV video will not appear when posting stories.

Now you start with uploading of your best photo (you can choose any video as well) as a story in the Instagram app. During the editing/reviewing part of posting your story, you will see a link icon ‘ 🔗 ‘ at the top (see screenshot below) – Note: this icon will only appear if you’ve your own URL copied first.

instagram swipe up screen7insta
see the arrow pointing to link icon at top

Click/Press that link icon at top and you’ll proceed to select your IGTV video that you had uploaded following the above previous steps. See the final steps as below screenshots.

instagram swipe up screensinta8
Press/click the plus sign to open IGTV videos to select.
instagram swipe up screensinsta9
Select your IGTV video and press/click the top right corner tick symbol

Now that call to action is added to your story post, you should also add some provoking text or gif, like how I’ve added in my story, for your followers to take action.

Once you’ve done enhancing your story post, upload it!

And voilà! You’ve successfully created your first Instagram swipe up feature 😊. 

Technical Difficulties and Bugs

Instagram App crashing while uploading multiple stories

This technical bug I had encountered while creating a swipe up for my Instagram stories was when I had first uploaded a set of questions as multiple images as a Q&A for my followers. After I had posted my last Q&A image, I was trying to attach the IGTV video, i.e. when I pressed the link icon on the stories – The Instagram App crashed entirely. I thought this was some temporary bug. So tried it again, and this time the link icon didn’t appear on the stories. I deleted all the Q&A image stories and reposted them and then tried to attach the IGTV video, and again it crashed.

So I ended up posting only one Q&A image and was able to attach the IGTV video that directed my followers to the amazon link of my book. I believe my phone is not having enough power and memory to support this much info and upload it into one app at one time, because after deleting some garbage stuff from my phone’s memory I didn’t have much difficulty creating a swipe up in my instagram stories.

Please let me know in the comments below if you’re also encountering such bugs while you follow the above steps.

The link icon not appearing even after I’ve copied my url

Note: If the link icon ‘ 🔗 ‘ is not appearing at the top while posting your stories, you can go to your Instagram bio and go to your saved IGTV video and copy it’s link from the options. Then try reposting your story, you should see the link icon now.

Enhance your Creativity

Lastly, be creative. If you’re not able to create new ideas, then visit other accounts on Instagram, and see how other individuals or businesses on instagram have utilized their creativity to create compelling instagram swipe up stories.