How can you be happy in your life?

Well, but how can one be happy if they aren’t?

Surely there is no written solution that the great thinkers, the psychologists or the doctors can prescribe, but what I’ve done recently (the new reforming steps that I’ve taken) is change my attitude and religiously follow certain principles each day of my life (well I’m doing my best to).

These principles, or rather to be called: rules (kinda like how you follow traffic rules) are a set of basic steps to follow, which could define your sense of happiness. Let’s look at ‘em:

1. Why don’t you take some time out of your busy day and try indulging in some small pleasures of life, such as watching the sun settling down after a long day or spending some time with your family or friends, or bird watching, maybe.

2. Exercise: Trust me, it helps. The old muscles tearing down, giving way for the new muscles to grow in. Your body is at its beast state and it wants you to achieve something today. The new muscles tell you that you need to accomplish something today. You need to be satisfied brother, the muscles tell you.

3. Meditate: Again, trust me. Meditation helps you clear your mind from all the thoughts that are bogging you down. A mere 10 minutes of meditation done at your preferred moment (daily) can refresh your brain so that new thoughts could be pondered. New ideas flowing into your brain and you start to look around at your surroundings more clearly.

4. Minor Contentment: It’s really difficult and unreal to remain satisfied with what you have. It’s in our DNA to always striving for something big, no matter how depressing that process could turn out to be. So it’s kinda safe to be satisfied with what you have. I think.

5. Make a personal goal of learning something new this year or perhaps this month, or this week…or maybe today? Learning something new fills our minds with a feeling that we’ve completed a task or achieved something important. A new skill is added to our set of skills and hey, that’s awesome.

6. An Altruistic Attitude: Even a selfless deed can bring joy to your life, provided that’s in your nature. Help someone else in your life who really needs it.

7. Become blank: It means do not do anything for a moment. Yes, that is correct. In this period of remaining blank, you lose nothing and you gain nothing but at the end of this session, you remain satisfied, because there is no result.

8. Become antisocial: Some folks, like myself, find pleasure in being alone for a while. We enjoy those séances where we’re deeply lost in our thoughts, sometimes building our own worlds, writing our own rules. God, I really enjoy these sessions.

As a stranger, I’m putting this straight up fact again. The above all requires discipline, which actually is about making some efforts. Something you might have never done, or gave up on it.

But hey, let’s make sure your happiness is contained inside the dome of law. You know. Your pursuit of happiness should not ever try to harm someone or the animals or the plants or the entire environment itself.

Nobody ever said how happy Jeffery Dahmer was when he was drilling holes into the skulls of his victims, pouring down boiling water in them.