My Top 7 Favorite Serial Killers

There’s something about the serial killers that fascinates me beyond explanation. I’m definitely aware of the deeds they’ve done in a serialize form (which they weren’t even realizing; they just kept doing). But it’s not their actions that have a sense of attraction, especially towards me; it’s their stories that keep intriguing me every time I hear some new fact about these serial killers, which I will surely share in this article.

The behavior of these serial killers that really clicks my senses is that after you’ve done the killings what would you want to do with the bodies, with that exanimate self of your game. Most of these serial killers performed their own constituted rituals like sodomizing the bodies, like butchering and eating the body parts, like keeping the parts as souvenirs, and/or gorier stuff. A part of study in psychology is devoted to trying understanding that behavior. And I love reading about it all.

Hey, this one is officially my first “top 10” type of post, you know the kind of posts you mostly come across online. I thought why not I write one of my own. But it’s not clickbait. That I can guarantee. So as per the title of this article, here are my top-favorite top-7 holy-smog serial killers:

1. Albert Fish

albertfish serial killers
Image source: Wikipedia

Albert “The Boogey Man” Fish was an American sequence killer, who was inherently mentally disturbed and was active during the progressive era of 1920s. Growing up he transformed into a sadomasochist who found pleasure in eating shit & drinking piss and molesting mentally challenged young boys(mostly). With his “implements of Hell”: a cleaver, a butcher knife, and a small chainsaw, he mutilated small innocent boys. But it was the murder of Grace Budd, a 10-year-old girl, that got him and the world came to know about Albert “The Gray Man” Fish. Before getting the chair, he boasted of all the hundreds of murders he’d committed (although he was charged for five counts) which could be false, but nobody knows for sure…to this day.

Fun Fact of Albert Fish: Fish showed an immense interest in bisection of penis; later in his life he did chop off the penis of a 19-year-old man. Also his pelvic region upon x-ray scan showed several needles embedded in there, which was another one of Fish’s orgies.

2. Ted Bundy

tedbundy serial killers
Image source: Vulture Magazine

Ted Bundy was a snake. He called himself the most cold-hearted son of a bitch who ever walked on earth. He escaped the prison twice with his shrewdness which he also employed to murder all those young women, including a 12-year-old girl, from Washington to Utah to Colorado to Florida where he was arrested the third time. From town to town he traveled in his Volkswagen Beetle, pursuing women and murdering them inside his car. He was an attractive man, charming, charismatic to all them women whom he decapitated and kept their heads with him as mementos. It is believed that he performed necrophilia with his decaying victims. He also had the ability to change the colors of his nature, which was especially noted during his trials in all those US states. A color changing snake he was.

Fun Fact of Ted Bundy: Before the revelation of his sequence killings Ted Bundy was actually an active member of the Washington State Republican party and aspired to have a long run political career. Detailed stories of him can be found in the new Netflix documentary.

3. Edmund Kemper

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Ed Kemper oral-f*cked his mother’s decapitated head, afterwards he used her head a dart board and then smashed it with the years of collected rage inside him. He finally found nirvana after murdering his own mother and later her 59-year-old friend. He realized he was exhausted from all those killings; he told the cops that he found no meaning to anything thereafter. All his life raping and murdering those girl students and after claw hammering his mother to death, he came to the conclusion that those sequence of his acts had no significance in his life anymore.

Fun Fact of Ed Kemper: Despite being a serial killer, Ed Kemper is considered by the FBI interviewers as an intellect of high IQ. I highly recommend the new Netflix show called ‘Mind Hunters’ (first season) which revolves around the Ed Kemper interviews.

4. Jeffery Dahmer

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Dahmer loved the sound the bones made during the dissection process. He loved the idea of dominating his to be victims and doing things to their dead selves. He lured several young boys he picked from the gay bars and brought them into his private chamber where he drugged them, strangled them to death, masturbated on their bodies, dismembered them, ate some of their body parts while keeping their heads and genitals as trophies. Sometimes he drilled holes into their heads and pour hot water or HCL acid rendering them to a zombie-like state, or what he thought was possible. In a TV interview he mentioned that it was a compulsion to eat them, to keep their arms and skins and heart with him because he said it was an uncontrollable obsession. He wanted their souls (part of them) to be inside him. It was all wrong he thought, but he had to do it.

Fun Fact of Jeffery Dahmer: Dahmer was once stationed in West Germany serving as a combat medic, but was removed due to his heavy alcoholism. During the murders he worked in a chocolate factory. Dahmer never got to finish his sentence as he was beaten to death by a fellow inmate.

5. Zodiac Killer

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On August 1, 1969, three local press received letters from an unknown source, each letter crediting recent serial murders in the parts of Northern California. At the end of each letter was a signature of a crosshair-like symbol. Each letter held a symbolic cypher, and was signed by the name of ‘Zodiac Killer’. Those cyphers, if solved, are supposed to reveal the true identity of the killer. A Jack Ripper wannabe I’d say, he was likewise never arrested and to this day the ripperologists are busy in their lives trying to decipher those cryptic letters from some lunatic trying to get that TV fame.

Fun Fact of Zodiac Killer: Several suspects were tied to the Zodiac Killer Case, but out of them most stood out was a man named Arthur Leigh Allen. Investigators were able to bind him to the case with all the evidence attached to him, yet the final results were negative. The case remains ‘open’ to this day.

6. Issei Sagawa

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I came to know about Issei Sagawa from a YouTube documentary about him (at that time I was doing my research on serial killers), and after looking at his photos, I wouldn’t really call him a man who’d murdered a Dutch woman and ate her body parts. He’s like 5 feet tall with a tender build. And also the fact that he’d only done one killing in his lifetime; there’s no point really to entitle him a ‘sequence killer’. The man fainted after shooting her in the neck. But the act must be accomplished. So he tried to dump her dismembered body in a lake but was caught by the French Police.

Fun Fact of Issei Sagawa: Today he is enjoying his freedom thanks to his rich father who provided for a lawyer during his trials. Sagawa has also written books, submitted reviews of restaurants and have appeared on TV and films. Yet as of today he is unemployed and living with his brother.

7. John Wayne Gacy

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Take a good look at the photo of this man in clown makeup & costume; note the sharp corners going upwards at the edges of his mouth. This was intentional. This was a symbol telling that “death is the ultimate thrill and there is no stopping to it”. The symbol created by a man who actively participated in local events, volunteered in fundraisers and acted in child plays for hospitalized kids. Days he labored for his business and nights he spent cruising for young boys and tricking them to be a part of his clowning rituals. He handcuffed them, raped them, strangled them (using a makeshift tourniquet) and stabbed them to death. “Clowns can get away with murder”. Is what Gacy thought while stuffing the bodies in his private crawl space. This clown routine what he considered as the final solution to all the burning memories of the unfatherly love he’d received from his father growing up in Chicago.

Fun Fact of John Wayne Gacy: Like Teddy boy, Gacy was an active member of the Chicago Democrat party, and was involved in all the party events. It is believed that his demeanor was transformed into a monster when he one evening clambered into the coffin of a deceased teenage male and experiencing a sense of shock; and also the time he received his first blowjob.

These serial killers and their stories had inspired me to create a murdering psychopath of my own. In my book there is a character who had butchered his own college friend and ate his body parts.

Now, this list is not covering all serial killers that ever existed or exit. But hey, please don’t hesitate to let me know below in the comments section if you know of an interesting serial killer, because I love knowing about ‘em all 🙂