Climate Change is not a technical problem

Well so far this statement seems appropriate given the current mentality of the human civilization as a whole towards climate change.

What is a technical problem?

A technical problem would be something that people take seriously and therefore more of the people are invested together to solve this type of problem. They are aware of the ramifications if a critical solution is not proposed.

A technical problem is something that can be extrapolated from past mistakes or misjudgments. And there will always be someone or something that can be blamed on, for the given arisen problem.

And a technical problem is always on top priority and therefore is most likely to get solved.

What is Climate Change?

Our planet has a climate system that comprises of 5 essential parts: the air – the space around you, the ocean & the rivers, the icy caps at either poles, the land, and you & me & all the living things with us. Now, our planet functions to trap the sun’s natural heat within the atmosphere in which we live. This is done to maintain the global average temperature around the earth. This trapping of sun’s heat is mainly done by gases known as the greenhouse gases (like how a greenhouse for plants traps the sunlight in it self). And those essential parts of the climate system in return expel out energy into the outer space. Again to maintain the natural balance of the temperature around us.

Input Energy = Output Energy => Natural Balance

Now, climate change is a natural process- which means the changes in the weather patterns and the arrival and withdrawal of seasons are factored by non-human phenomenons such as volcanic eruptions, radiating solar winds from the sun, and the earth’s relative position with the sun throughout the year.

But these factors and their overall contributions are peanuts compared to the watermelon of the contribution by the human beings starting from the industrial revolution to this day. We are, and have been emitting so much of the greenhouse gases, especially CO2 into the atmosphere that our ignored contribution has dominated the overall contribution by the above natural events. The current results are: more heat trapping in our atmosphere because of the increased amount of CO2, which signifies that more input energy is being stored than the output energy going out.

Input Energy > Output Energy => Natural Imbalance

Now this natural imbalance is what is referred to as climate crisis (I’m not using the term ‘climate change’, I’ve explained it why below) and it causes abrupt changes in the weather pattern and climate conditions in every location on this planet ranging from abnormal droughts, cyclones, fatal heat waves, etc.

So…the hell is global warming then?

Global Warming is an important aspect of the climate crisis. It is the cause of climate crisis, the unwanted changes in the climate and weather pattern. Global warming is the average increase in the overall/global temperature around the planet. And it has been proven that this increase in temperature in the recent decades have been largely affected by the human activities such as burning of fossil fuels that release too much CO2 into the air.

We shouldn’t interchange these two terms. In fact scientists use ‘climate change’ to describe the complex shifts in the weather and climate pattern which is not only for places getting warmer, but also colder. Basically the term ‘climate change’ is used generally, though I believe we should use a different term that can be used to determine the human attributions of global warming and rapid changes in the weather pattern. Terms like ‘climate crisis’, ‘anthropogenic climate change’, ‘climate catastrophe’ should be used frequently instead of ‘climate change’ as we need to highlight the impact mankind has been making to the natural weather conditions in our atmosphere. If everyone starts to accept these terms in their mindset, people will be more alerted of their doings (wrong doings if you’re more self-conscious).

My favorite Cereal Box says Climate Crisis is a Hoax

A lot of corporations, especially the ones whose businesses are threatened by even a vague idea of trying to solve the issue of global warming, has or is investing billions of dollars in efforts to disseminate misinformation about the current climate conditions or trying to discredit any scientific data that supports the global proposition to tackle a very dangerous problem.

And by far the most evident example is Exxon Mobil. This oil giant corp invested first in science & tech to actually predict how their future prospects would be; how shall they must adapt their business approach to drill more oil from the melting Arctics. But their hired scientists came forward with dire predictions about the unchecked human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels. They had already predicted how warm the globe would be in future due to the uninterrupted and unchecked burning of fossil fuels.

This became news and people became more aware of it. The Exxon’s effort backfired as the politicians got involved in the global warming debate. Even the people in White House were about to introduce fossil fuel emission regulatory bills. And that alerted the oil companies, and what began was a highly ambitious campaign of manipulating the public view about their own subtle contribution towards global warming.

Then Exxon Mobil started the ‘climate change denial’ operation. Public memos, newspaper articles, op-ads, conferences, presentations, etc. were a part of an abstracted operation of deceiving their customers. They even went on to hire rogue scientist to step forward and spew cringeworthy lies. And lastly and their most effective effort: stuffing money (donations) down the throats of those politicians who’d help them in their campaigns.

And to this day several companies follow this suit. Because regulations hurt their business.

Please watch this video to see how Exxon Mobil lied to you about global warming.

And this is what a lot of giant corporates, which fear any environmental regulations, do. They try to misguide you. And they will do anything to remove any impediments in their way of making fat hays of money.

So if your favorite cereal breakfast box has something stupid about global warming written on it, it mostly likely a part of the corporations that continue to run the ‘climate change denial machine’.

So why Climate Crisis is not a technical problem?

Death is a technical problem. Your broken car engine is a technical problem. Your cat is a technical problem.

Let me elaborate: Human beings have always striven for immortality in the case of solving the problem of death. We’ve evolved in terms of viewing death as a technical failure rather than something biblical. We now know what causes death; natural or unnatural. And thanks to the ever-evolving medical achievements we can overcome this fatal problem. Today, if someone dies, we can pin point the cause of the death. We can put a blame on the doctors who failed somewhere. And their failure will eventually bring a proposal of a better solution. Unlike in the older times, where death, say from plague, was considered God’s doing. And nobody raises a finger towards God.

Climate Crisis on the other hand, doesn’t have much attention trained on it so to speak that all the institutions do not have a contingency plan at ready, if shit hits the fan. We have no agreement on the table where all the leaders of the world are sitting. Along with the continuous blatant discrediting done by the ambitious-greedy institutions and sheer ignorance, the common folks are unable to raise their fingers and point to the agents and their agencies who could solve this problem. There are communities which believe that Climate Crisis is of God’s doing; it’s not. Even the good folks say that they don’t perceive any visible evidences, and/or they say that in past it was never about climate change, so they don’t bother. And all this paints a scary picture where we won’t put this technical problem on priority in future.

All that being said, we cannot stop the climate crisis because perhaps we’re too late to recognize or realize it as a technical problem. BUT we’re not yet late to mitigate the ongoing rise in temperature. We need to start seeing it as any problem that we’ve already in our lives and step by step make efforts to try to solve this problem each day. Scientists and experts are suggesting quick and effective energy alternatives such as the use of nuclear power plants to harvest the electricity we consume each second. And the urgent switch from gas powered transport to electric vehicles. And changing our own overall attitude towards the perfect ecosystem of our planet.

Personally I believe that if we start to view the climate crisis and global warming as an alarming technical problem from today, we can for a certain extent bring a massive change in the unrelenting heating of our lovely planet.