Beyond God’s Reach


“Blood, rape, murder and dirty politics as severed limbs sewn together into a Creature that stands tall and faces one Woman fighting for justice”

A young undergraduate, Mayank, who confesses to his father, Sawant Singh, a local constable that he has raped and murdered an eleven-year-old girl, Radhika Srivastav. Sawant is overcome with fear and anger, and is worried his only child will be incarcerated for life. He becomes desperate and approaches his cousin, Srinivasan, a Jail Superintendent whom he coerces to help.

Srinivasan, finds the perfect solution when he stumbles across a prisoner’s profile – young man serving time for murdering his friend and cannibalizing his body. Srinivasan offers him a deal, take the blame for raping and murdering Radhika, and in return he can have anything. And so a deal is made, and what follows is a tornado of lies and deceit, and people involved are engulfed in tears and blood.

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