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Instagram Swipe Up Feature for Everyone!

Don't fret if you don't have 10K followers; there's a way to enable the "swipe up" feature in your Instagram ...
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Climate Change is not a technical problem

Well so far this statement seems appropriate given the current mentality of the human civilization as a whole towards climate ...
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Thresh: The First Professional Gamer

You've heard about gamers like Ninja or ppd or Fatal1ty furiously tapping on their high-end keyboards and shaking their mice, ...
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My Top 7 Favorite Serial Killers

There’s something about the serial killers that fascinates me beyond explanation. I’m definitely aware of the deeds they've done in ...
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Your pursuit of Happiness.

Are you really living a happy healthy life? Are you really happy & in peace in the place where you're ...
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How can you be happy in your life?

Well, but how can one be happy if they aren’t? Surely there is no written solution that the great thinkers, ...
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